From a sysadmin to a human being

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There are basically two well-established points of view about DevOps — one of system administrators and the other of developers. The first ones usually boast that they've been using Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Docker since 200X, the second ones assume that DevOps has outlived itself and leads to NoOps, or that "I've wrapped it all in a container, now we'll wait and see".

At the same time, business reads articles about DevOps and hopes that the low-level guys will figure it out. DevOps though doesn't seem to happen, business doesn't look like Google, the company isn't turquoise, people do not create new approaches to test hypotheses in the world.

This talk is about DevOps as a system. How it helps business, what developers' competences should be there for DevOps, what business tasks can be solved by DevOps method of production, along with mistakes that are waiting for you on your way to DevOps production and how to avoid them.

How an engineer can finally become a decent human being and a creator in this world, how to make a career path according to this purpose and how to start looking at technologies in a proper way.

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